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Reverse Mergers The subject of reverse mergers, where a company merges into a publicly traded shell company, is well beyond the scope of this book. Any start-up company would be well-advised to avoid a reverse merger until they have raised several rounds of financingand maybe not even then. While there are successful reverse mergers, the field is strewn with wrecked companies that have insolvable regulatory problems. Caution is advised. Make certain you consult with competent professionals before undertaking this route.

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Factoring Factoring, also known as receivables financing, is a popular form of raising capital. While it is not for everyone, it can be useful if your business has a large volume of receivables. Essentially, a factoring company advances to your company the value of a percentage of your receivables, less a fee, and assumes the responsibility to collect the factored receivables.

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When you factor your receivables, you usually end up with between 50% and 90% of their value, depending upon the creditworthiness of your clients and your companys collection history. When the factor col- lects the receivable, it forwards the balance to you less a fee that can range from 2%7%. The advantage of factoring is immediate cash flow to the business without a long-term debt obligation. The disadvantage is that the process is fairly costly.